Plans and pricing

Please subscribe to Qwanci Connection Plan throught the smartphone app.

‘QwanciCam’ is an app that allows you to use your mobile device as a network camera.

This website provides variety of services that will help you enjoy this app more.

Even without any server side scripting, QwanciCam still works stand-alone. You can receive pictures frequently from your camera via email.

Not only that, you can view these pictures and manage multiple cameras(smart-phones) with PC or other tablets by setting app’s HTTPS POST destination to ‘’.

User registration is required for use of our services and there are two types of plans :QWANCI PUBLIC and QWANCI PRIVATE.

The big difference between these two accounts is that, PUBLIC is for sharing and PRIVATE is for your private use.


This plan is for the purpose of sharing your camera and distributing the latest photo automatically as a “live-cam” on your website.

No need to implement any scripting, just copy and paste <iframe> tag in your html page.

Pictures uploaded by your camera are saved as public contents and shared with others. Anybody can access to your latest live-cam picture with a simple URL link.

Image of Qwanci public account.

NOTE: Public contents will be shared with others and anybody can access your uploaded pictures. If you want to use QwanciCam like security camera, please select PRIVATE plan.


This plan is intended to establish your personal surveillance system.

You can connect up to 9 cameras and monitor them on your web console.

Pictures uploaded by your cameras are saved as private contents and hidden from others.

By using smartphone as a webcam, you can get these benefits.

・No cables, No network equipments.

・Anytime, anywhere

・High quality picture

Image of Qwanci private account.

NOTE: QwanciCam sends high quality (1920×1080) still images, not movies and streaming.

Plan Type Number of clients Monthly fee
PLN-PUBLIC PUBLIC 1 device 9,800 yen/month
PLN-PRIVATE01 PRIVATE 1 device 1,800 yen/month
PLN-PRIVATE03 PRIVATE 3 devices 3,800 yen/month
PLN-PRIVATE06 PRIVATE 6 devices 6,800 yen/month
PLN-PRIVATE09 PRIVATE 9 devices 9,800 yen/month

NOTE: The pricing in the table are in Japanese Yen, but you can pay in your currency.